Tech Spotlight: Ultraviolet Light Systems

Ultraviolent (UV) light systems are an innovative technology installed into HVAC and air filtration systems to help improve the overall air quality in a given space. While these devices cannot replace an air filtration system, they act as additional protection against viruses and pollutants.

What types of UV lights are ideal for an HVAC air filtration system?

While there are several types of UV lights you may be familiar with, UV-C lights are the most effective wavelengths for sterilizing germs. UV-C lights have short light waves with the ideal frequency for DNA to absorb the most UV light.

How does a UV light system work?

The UV-C energy kills viral, bacterial and fungal organisms when they are released. As air passes through the disinfection zone through an HVAC system, pathogens remain in the air, but are killed once they receive the UV’s energy. Fixtures are installed to prevent direct UV exposure to occupants in the room.

Is air quality a concern for all commercial buildings?

Yes, especially for buildings with many occupants or those with vulnerable populations such as the elderly. UV systems have been used in hospitals and other commercial settings for years. Poor air quality is detrimental to physical and mental health. UV light systems paired with an air filtration solution help remove bacteria and viruses that are threatening to the air you breathe. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends UV light systems with an air filtration solution as part of a layered strategy to reduce COVID-19 exposure.

Our team of trusted professionals at Best Mechanical can help you install the right air filtration needs for your building. When asking yourself if an air filtration system is necessary, think about your health and the damage poor air quality can cause to you and others. Contact us today to learn more about air filtration and Ultraviolet light systems.



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