Looking at the Year Ahead: An Interview with the Owner of Best Mechanical

David Griffith, owner and President of Best Mechanical, has recognized the ebb and flow the commercial HVAC industry has witnessed in the last year. Amidst the uncertainty, one thing has remained the same- his positive attitude. When things seem “wonky,” David feels secure knowing that Best Mechanical will continue to serve their customers as a trusted HVAC and air filtration provider. As 2021 near its end, he provides us with insights into what it was like running a business last year, and the direction he is leading into 2022.


What was the most difficult part about running a business last year?

COVID. We saw a significant reduction in revenue—as many businesses did. Best Mechanical specializes in new constructions and design/build projects. The pandemic brought about many delays and cancellations. There was an air of uncertainty and that remained the biggest challenger for the entire industry, but we continuously made strides towards a positive direction with the help from our customers.


What accomplishment are you proud of last year with Best Mechanical?

It’s not something you’d think to be proud of, but I’m happy to say that we made it! We successfully managed a business during a worldwide pandemic, and that was a hard thing for any size company to do. Our team and customers did a great job of hanging in there.


What are 3 things all business owners should keep in mind when opening a new business?

Managing expenses, seeking new streams of revenue and communication. When it comes to unforeseen circumstances—like COVID—being able to recognize when it’s time to reduce expenses when revenue reduces is crucial. It’s also important to seek new strategies to take in revenue. Typically, sales and marketing are cut first, but that can be near-sighted and hurt your business in the long run. Lastly, communication with your employees—especially in hard times—keeps everyone aware and on the same page.


What are some things people don’t know about you?

If I wasn’t an entrepreneur, my dream would be to become a general manager of an NFL team. I love the idiosyncrasies of football and the management components—I really love the sport. Secondly, my father ran a men’s acapella group called, “The New Rise of Singers.” I sang from my 20s and well into my 30s. Ever since, I’ve been a big music fan.


What books or podcast are you interested in right now?

When it comes to podcasts, I really enjoy The Meghan Kelley Show. I find her articulate and fair. I opt to listen to audiobooks with being in the car a lot, and I’ve been finishing The Absent Super Power by Peter Zeihan.


What are you looking forward to in 2022 with the business?

I’m excited for new opportunities and staying in this upward direction. We’ve invested into our people and business and are beginning to see early indicators of success. Most recently, we hired a new employee to help tackle sales and marketing. Things are looking up for the world, and we’re always staying positive at Best Mechanical.

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