EPA & White House Recommend HVAC Maintenance and Air Filtration Systems

As part of the White House’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is stewarding a call to assist building owners and operators—the “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge.” This challenge seeks to reduce risk from airborne viruses, help protect building occupants and reduce COVID-19 spread.

“The Clean Air in Buildings Challenge is an important part of helping us all to breathe easier,” says EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. The four actions outlined in the challenge include:

  • Creating an indoor air action plan
  • Optimizing air ventilation
  • Enhancing air filtration systems
  • Conduct community educations

Best Mechanical can help accomplish these action steps by offering quality air filtration systems, providing routine maintenance and installing safe HVAC equipment for your building occupants. Having clean air is more important than ever as the spread of COVID-19 variants continue, and our expert HVAC professionals can help lower the risk of airborne contaminants. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you create an indoor action plan for your building.

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