Air Filtration Systems Help Assisted Living Facilities Defend Against COVID-19 Spread

Assisted-living facilities have many responsibilities that aim to make the residents and employee lives’ safer. With so many things to worry about, wondering if your air-filtration system is protecting your occupants shouldn’t be on your list of to-do’s. Poor air-circulation is known to have detrimental health effects including  respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Your residents are…

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Why Energy Efficiency HVAC is Crucial for Assisted Living Facilities

The National Institute of Health projects that by 2030 nearly 20 percent of the United States’ population will be over the age of 65. To meet this rapidly growing demographic, the assisted-living industry is creating new facilities across the country. However, assisted-living operators need to be sure these buildings have HVAC systems that efficient and…

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EPA & White House Recommend HVAC Maintenance and Air Filtration Systems

As part of the White House’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is stewarding a call to assist building owners and operators—the “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge.” This challenge seeks to reduce risk from airborne viruses, help protect building occupants and reduce COVID-19 spread. “The Clean Air in Buildings Challenge is an important…

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Supply Chain Issues and the HVAC Industry

No industry has been left untouched by recent supply chain challenges. The three major supply chain troubles affecting the HVAC industry have been price increases, product shortages and increased lead times. Price increases— Materials such as steel, aluminum, copper and plastics are expected to rise between 20 and 30 percent in the coming months. Copper…

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Schools and Students Deserve Clean Air

Kelly Sikkema RYABMCLP7aM Unsplash

A school district has many responsibilities and challenges to address every day. Among them: providing a safe learning environment for their students and faculty. This includes things they can see—and the things they cannot. Poor indoor air quality is one of the unseen dangers that can hinder staff and students alike.   The EPA (Environmental…

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Tech Spotlight: Ultraviolet Light Systems

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Ultraviolent (UV) light systems are an innovative technology installed into HVAC and air filtration systems to help improve the overall air quality in a given space. While these devices cannot replace an air filtration system, they act as additional protection against viruses and pollutants. What types of UV lights are ideal for an HVAC air…

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Three Ways You Can Reduce Your Building’s Energy Consumption

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Best Mechanical understands the need to keep costs down when constructing, renovating or maintaining a building. Reducing your energy consumption can lead to lower energy costs, and better mechanical efficiency. Our team of engineers, estimators and other HVAC professionals found three ways building owners and managers can save on your energy consumption this year:  …

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